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Welcome to СИТКО АГ

Welcome to engineering company SYTCO AG

Since the beginning of the activity (starting from 1962), more than 50 years ago, SYTCO AG were involved in the engineering and construc­tion of basic equipment, auxiliaries and com­plete lines for the metallurgical industry.

Later SYTCO started also the trading activity of steel products. So by the end of 60’s the trading of steel products was widely developed and ex­panded especially with the Soviet Union. SYTCO became the first private European com­pany established the relation with the Soviet Union in export of metallurgical products. The same for equipment, importing to and exporting from the Soviet Union, up to 1990 when a huge turn-over is achieved.

SYTCO’s main and most important partner was always the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Un­ion was under dissolution, SYTCO anyhow man­aged to reorganize quite quickly all relations with the new borne Russian Federation and CIS countries, creating a new business network.

In parallel SYTCO was developing a partnership with metallurgical companies all over the world: Italy, Germany, Spain, Algeria, India, China, Thailand, Korea, Brazil. This relationship impli­cated the supplying of equipment to these com­panies and purchase of metallurgical products as a dealer.

After the year 2000, SYTCO decided to resize the activity with the aim to be more adapted to a market and customers, where names and countries are changing rapidly.

In particular, the trading of steel products was greatly reduced up to 2008 and then drastically in the period from end of 2008 up to 2012, due to the well-known disastrous situation in the metallurgical field.

At the same time, SYTCO developed more and more the activity in the engineering and construction of machinery and created also a department for the trading of “consumables” for the steel industry.

In 2013, believing that the steel market reached the bottom, SYTCO started again to develop the trading of steel products, limited anyhow to flat products.

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